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The Crafters

Taylor Lee and Sarah Ferguson have hot-glue in their veins and can name seven types of fibercraft faster than you can name the seven dwarves.

We are long-time Raleigh residents with a love of creating, and a penchant for hoarding craft supplies. We have teamed up to build our crafty dream clubhouse, and you're all invited.
Sarah has been turning things into other things for as long as she can remember. She has taught craft skills to kids and adults formally and informally for years, and currently teaches sewing classes at the Cary Arts Center. She used to live in a cute house with a cozy craft studio, but lately it's become a crafting house with cozy studio space to live in.

Sarah's Craft Habits: turning found objects into pendant necklaces, making too many yarn pom-poms while watching TV, thinking up puns about crafts.

  • Favorite Craft Goods: 3D Printed Embroidery Hoops, Magnetic Needle Minders, Stowe Project Bag Pattern
  • Recent Projects: Creating craft kits for our in-house brand!

Taylor started her making and creating adventures by her mother's and grandmother's sides, trying out anything she could get her hands on. She loves exploring and experimenting with new crafts, and then sharing that experience with others. With a background in communications and accounting, crafting has always been more of a hobby, until now.

Taylor's Craft Habits: building a craft supply stash that rivals Martha Stewart's, getting lost exploring crafting inspiration, and trying anything that requires a needle and thread.

  • Favorite Craft Goods: Tula Pink Iridescent Sewing Tools, Paper Flower Kits, Pretty Packages
  • Recent Projects: Creating these amazing and adorable pink pine trees for our holiday window display!