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Simple Tailoring & Alterations

An insider’s secrets to tailoring and making alterations. Master the basics and more with Simple Tailoring & Alterations, a practical guide written by an accomplished costume maker and theatrical tailor. With over thirty years experience in the garment industry, J. Francois-Campbell knows every tailoring trick of the trade and shares them with you.

A nip and a tuck for the perfect fit.Off-the-rack clothing rarely fits well because it was not made to your specific measurements. With the step-by-step instructions – plus 250 full-color photographs and 100 helpful illustrations – you can now make alterations that will save you big bucks:

  • Save by updating outfits that no longer fit properly and spend less on new clothes.
  • Don't pay expensive tailoring fees to have clothing mended and altered.
  • Do follow these simple techniques to improve your wardrobe and line your pockets with the money you save.

10 essential tailoring techniques. Jay François-Campbell guides you through must-now techniques suitable for novices and intermediate sewers that range from replacing buttons to changing a garment's shape for a better fit. Projects cover skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, shirts, coats, capes, suits, sweaters, vests and ties.

Master new skills and get more from what’s in your closet. Get your copy of Simple Tailoring & Alterations you are on your way to advancing your skills with in-depth information on equipment, fabric choices, measuring, stitching, and making pro-level alterations to men’s and women’s garments. Here’s know-how that will help you revamp your wardrobe and adeptly handle sweeping alterations that go beyond changing a hemline.