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Natural Cotton String

No more blisters!

This best-selling 100% cotton, raw single twist string comes in three sizes*: 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm (see note below about sizing).

This string is a natural ecru color and is great for macrame, weaving and other fiber crafts. Perfect for creating macrame wall hangings with lots of fringe and intricate details. Fiber can be combed out to create very fine fringe.

100% cotton string takes dye evenly and beautifully. It does expand an additional 1 mm or so after being dyed. Commercial fabric dyes, botanical and natural dyes all perform well with this string.

Please note, slight color differences in natural cotton due to the cotton leaves being mixed in during the spinning process can occur between lots so you may wish to over estimate the amount of rope needed per project.

Made in USA.

*Diameter: single twist string expands quite a bit after its cut. We measure ours after it expands so true sizing would be more like 2 mm to 3 mm // 4 mm to 5 mm // 6 mm to 7 mm

3mm bundle: ~ 150 ft

5mm bundle: ~100 ft

7mm bundle: ~100 ft

Regular 3 mm spool: ~1,600 ft (457 m)

Regular 5 mm spool: ~850 ft (259m)

Regular 7 mm spool: ~450 ft (137 m)

Jumbo 3 mm jumbo spool: ~3,750 ft (1143 m)

Jumbo 5 mm jumbo spool: ~1,700 ft (518 m)

Jumbo 7 mm jumbo spool: ~1,125 ft (343 m)