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Decopatch Satiny Sealing Varnish

Decopatch Satiny Sealing Varnish is a clear professional sealing varnish, that provides a protective coating with a satiny finish. The bottle includes a handy notch so you'll always have a place to rest your Decopatch brush!


This glue is non-irritating,?non-toxic, solvent-free and acid free, making it ideal for many projects.


Decopatch? is a fun way to revamp just about anything. The durable, thin paper is printed with bright colorfast prints and images that can change dull and plain to beautiful - fast! Decopatch looks amazing on cardboard, metal, papier mache, wood, plastic, glass! In fact, we haven't found anything it doesn't work on! It's so simple to do and gets fab results every time.

Decopatch? glues and varnishes

Are 100% waterproof when dry

Have no odor

Clean up with water when wet

Dry very quickly

Will not come out of clothing or fabric!


To Decopatch? you?ll need:
Decopatch? paper, torn to small pieces (around the size of a quarter or silver dollar)?A brush
A small jar of water
An object to decorate
Decopatch? glue or varnish