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Catherine Pooler Ink Pads


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Catherine Pooler Designs foam ink pads are a crafter's dream.

  • Available in 50 colors (and counting...)
  • No muddy transfers - feel safe stamping light colors after dark colors. If your stamp stamps clean on scratch paper, then no color will transfer to your next stamp pad.
  • No splotchy images - A few gentle taps is all it takes to transfer ink to your stamps, enough to get the full coverage you need to transfer beautifully to paper.
  • Blending is easy - these inks stay wet for a few seconds, so you have time to blend background colors.
  • Water reactive ink - these inks react with water, which makes them great for techniques like water splotching and flicking.
  • Easy to emboss - these inks do not dry immediately, so you have time to sprinkle on some embossing powder. That means these inks work as colored embossing ink!
  • Ink refills are available for all colors!