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Paper Flower Printed Instructions

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Ready to make some paper blooms?

You will need a few rolls of crepe paper, floral stems, floral tape, a pair of sharp scissors, a hot glue gun, and some hot glue sticks. 

These printed instructions will guide you step by step through making life-like blooms. These are printed instructions - click here if you prefer a digital download

NOTE: Copyright applies to the flower guides. You may not re-sell or reproduce these guides for sale. You CAN make as many flowers as you want, and you can sell your flowers! Want to spread the paper floral love? You can teach your friends to make the flowers, but you cannot charge for a class that explicitly uses these flower guides. Please respect the artist & all the work she put into sharing her designs!

These guides are also available in our Paper Flower Kits, as well as all materials needed to make up to 3 blooms.