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Terrarium Kits

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Make a tiny world in glass!

These terrarium kits are designed to house air plants, and include everything you need to make a lovely environment for your plant. Air plants don't send down roots, so we've provided you with multi-colored sand, pebbles, stones, and a variety of natural items, including a tiny animal friend for your plant. AND we've included an air plant sized just right for your terrarium, with a plant-care tip sheet as well.

Mini Animal options are: Dragon (purple, blue, green, red, white& gold, or black), Butterfly (yellow or blue), Fennec Fox, Llama, T-Rex, Unicorn, Buddha, Flamingo, Bee, Panda, Garden Gnome (blue or orange), Pegasus, Lion, Hippo, Elephant, Giraffe, Okapi, Tiger, Gorilla, Rhino

This kit contains glassware and ships as a bulky item, so we can pack it safely or you!

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