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Paper Bead Rollers


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These handmade bead rolling and paper quilling tools will spark your paper crafting creativity!

Turn magazines, scrapbook paper or junk mail into pretty beads for jewelry, decor and more. These paper bead rollers were designed by Kelly Phillips to make it easier to roll beads. A lifelong crafter, she had trouble rolling beads with arthritic hands and created these to make the process easier. Lucky for us, these tools make bead rolling so easy that it's a great craft for all ages.

  • Solid wood 4" stained and varnished handles
  • Larger half inch diameter handle with a spiral groove for secure gripping
  • Bright stainless steel-winding pin is slotted to the entire length of the pin
  • Color-coded end so you know the size at a glance - 3/16" (green), 5/32" (red), 5/64" (blue), 1/8" (yellow), 3/32"(purple), 1/4"(orange)
  • Winding pin is approximately 1" and 1 1/4 long and may vary slightly
  • Choose the size of roller based on your stringing materials - the winding pin determines the size of the hole through your bead.

These handmade paper bead rollers hold your paper strip secure so you can wind a tight and consistent paper bead.?

Made in North Carolina