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Toddler Beading Kit

We created this kit to offer a craft experience to toddlers and other young children, who are always busy exploring their world. The variety of beads in this kit are great conversation-starters - What colors do you see? What shapes and sizes are the beads? Are they smooth or bumpy, made of glass or wood or plastic?

This kit includes 1 yard of fabric-covered elastic string, and an assortment of beads. As your toddler strings beads, the cord will begin to fray, which will make it harder to push through some of the beads. We have provided an extra-long cord so that you can cut off the tip of the cord as it frays, and still have plenty to make a necklace or a few bracelets.

Once your child is done stringing, tie the ends of the cord together. You can coat the knot in Elmer’s glue for extra stability, or leave it uncoated so you can untie & restring the jewelry whenever you need another project :)

We hope you & your toddler have fun exploring colors, shapes, and textures with these beads! Remember, always supervise young children when they are working with small objects.