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The Punch Needle Handbook

Our friend & amazing fiber-arts instructor Rohn has a new book out! It's everything you need to get started on Punch Needle crafting, with a bevy of projects to keep you crafty & satisfied :)

Easy Guide to Punching plus 19 Projects


A craft richly steeped in history and tradition, punch needle is changing the global craft landscape so quickly, it’s hard to miss. While many crafts take a whole lot of time and effort to master, you can pick up a punch needle and complete a project in less than an hour, with no prior skill neededIt requires just one easy-to-use tool, a background fabric, an embroidery hoop or frame, and yarn. Punched pieces make excellent wall hangings, pillows, ornaments, stool covers, chair cushions, purses/pouches, baby play mats, and much more! If you can imagine it – you can do it.

Simple and easy, punch needle is an approach to creating personal and home décor projects that just require you know how to hold a pen. It’s like paint by number…with yarn!