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Painting with Wool

Painting with Wool by Dani Ives

"Painting with Wool" is the introductory and must-have text for fiber artists and other crafters looking for a new and exciting art form to explore. Increasingly popular, Dani Ives?s style of needle felting uses wool fibers and a felting needle to layer and ?paint? embellishments for pieces that are bursting with texture and depth. Whether you want to decorate a tote or garment, or create frameable artworks," Painting with Wool" is the guide to everything you need to know -- including the tools required, the basic techniques and how to get started. For fiber lovers who want to broaden their skills, needle felting is an easy, therapeutic form of self-expression that offers beautiful, unique results. Ives is a pioneer in this art form and a skilled instructor who makes learning this craft fun and approachable for all.