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Camps at Craft Habit - for ages 6 - 13

Need some crafty care on upcoming teacher workdays, fall & spring break, and in the summer months? We have got you covered with our newly expanded camp program, now including optional after-care!

A boy holds a hamdmade Cookie Monster doll and smiles behind his mask
A girl holds up a handmade jar candle with colorful layers
A girl stands outside, wearing a pair of handmade painted wings and looking over her shoulder at the camera

Camps Themes:

Teacher Workday Camps

On Teacher Workdays and school holidays, we offer camps with a variety of quick and satisfying crafts that can be completed in a single morning.
Sewing Explorations Camp

Learn to sew with a sewing machine, and try hand-sewing and embroidery. Explore surface design techniques for fabric such as tie-dye, relief dye, thread-painting, and patchwork.
Craft Sampler Camp

Let's try out as many crafts as we can fit into the week! Projects can include glass etching, beaded jewelry, tie dye, paint crafts, needle felting, weaving, decoupage, pom-poms, string art, and paper crafts.
Crafting for Pets Camp

Make crafts for and inspired by our pets (or favorite stuffed toys)! Project skills include sewing, painting, and more.
Costume Camp 

Create a number of costume pieces that can be used for everyday dress-up, school plays, or parts of Halloween costumes. Projects include wings, eye masks and gauntlets, cloaks and capes, and costume accessories. Project skills include machine sewing, hand sewing, painting, and gluing costume components.

Sewing Stuffies Camp  Make a variety of stuffed toys, animals, and accessories. Project skills include machine sewing, hand sewing, and hand embroidery.

Miniatures Camp  Create a tiny world in a shoebox! We will learn hand sewing techniques, use polymer clay, paper, yarn, and wood scraps to create small and wonderful things, contained in their own miniature, magical world.

Daily Camp Schedule

This daily schedule applies to all single-day camps and weeklong camps. 

  • 9am to 9:15am - Camper drop-off, get settled, discuss plans for the day
  • 9:15am to 10:30am - First craft project of the day
  • 10:30am to 11:00am - Snack and movement break. This is our only snack break during regular camp hours, so pack a big snack to make it through to 1pm! At snack break, we head outdoors, eat and chat, and take some time to run around, stretch, and/or play board games and card games depending on weather.
  • 11:00am to 12:45pm - Second craft project of the day. During weeklong camps, we may have projects that take up a whole day, or will be started one day and finished on another day. For single-day camps, all projects will be completed and sent home at pick-up time.
  • 12:45pm to 1:00pm - Clean up and pick-up time. Regular camp sessions end at 1pm. Camper being picked up at 1pm should arrange to eat lunch after leaving camp. Campers staying for aftercare will eat lunch onsite.

Optional Aftercare Schedule

Aftercare is available on all camp dates, as long as a minimum of 4 campers are registered to stay late. Aftercare on Teacher Workday Camps *must* be booked in advance. For weeklong camps, aftercare can be booked for the full week in advance, or on a daily basis during the week of camp. Exception: aftercare will be cancelled if fewer than 4 campers have booked in advance. 

  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm - Lunch and outdoor play. Aftercare campers should bring a packed lunch and extra snack, along with their water bottle and morning snack. After eating, campers have the choice to spend the remainder of the hour playing physical games, play board games or card games, or may read a book or use an electronic device brought from home. Devices are allowed only at specific times, must be used with headphone, and be used independently. This is to give kids who need it a chance to reset with a mental break. 
  • 2:00pm to 3:30 - Creative Lounge Time: Choice of self directed crafts  (painting, drawing, beading, origami, yarn crafts, etc) & option to learn a teacher-directed craft.
  • 3:30 to 4:00pm - Clean up, last snack & outdoor play, devices, books & board games optional. Aftercare ends at 4pm.

How to Book our Camps

We are partnering with local company Activity Hub to help market and book our camps. Field Day is an app dedicated to making it easy for parents and caregivers to explore options and register for camps. To book a Craft Habit Camp, just download the Activity Hub app and create an account. 

Benefits of Field Day
  • Create a profile for your child and fill out registration forms just one time! Once your profile is complete, Field Day will automatically input your registration information, no matter where you book classes or camps. For Craft Habit, that means we don't have to email you a separate registration packet & hound you about filling it out :)
  • Easily share camp sessions with your friends. Invite your child's friends and classmates to join them at camp. In Field Day, the Share function lets you send a listing to anyone in your address book via text or email.
  • Automatic Sibling Discount. No explanation needed, really!

We are booking camps exclusively through the Activity Hub App for the time being. 

Please reach out if there are additional weeks or holidays that you'd like to attend a camp with us!

page updated September 2023


Craft Sampler Camp at Craft Habit

Camper Testimonials

  • I don't want to leave! - A.C. age 10
  • When can we come back? - M.K., age 10
  • Craft Camp is more fun than Parkour Camp! - R.K., age 8