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Single Day and Weeklong Camps Schedule for 2023

Craft Sampler Camp at Craft Habit
Sewing Explorations Camp at Craft Habit
Crafting for Pets Camp at Craft Habit

On Teacher Workdays and school holidays, we offer camps with a variety of quick & satisfying crafts that can be completed in a single morning.

Pricing: Single day camp cost is $55 from 9am - 1pm. Optional after care from 1pm - 4pm is an additional $30. Sibling discounts are available at time of booking.

Teacher Workday Camps 2023

  • January 16th 2023
  • January 27th 2023
  • February 20th 2023
  • March 7th 2023
  • March 31st 2023
  • April 21st 2023
  • September 25th 2023
  • October 9th 2023
  • October 23rd 2023
  • November 1st 2023
  • November 7th 2023
  • November 10th 2023

Weeklong camps are available during Fall Break and Spring Break Weeks. If you'd like to schedule a week of camp to coincide with a different track-out schedule, please reach out to We are happy to book additional camp weeks with a minimum of 6 participants.

Pricing: Full week camps (M-F, 9am - 1pm) are $250, with optional aftercare available for $150 for the week. Sibling discounts are available at time of booking.

Spring Break Camps 2023

  • March 13th - 17th: Craft Sampler Camp
  • March 20th - 24th: Crafting for Pets Camp
  • April 3rd - 7th: Sewing Stuffies Camp

Fall Break Camp 2023

  • September 25th - 29th: Costume Camp

Winter Break Camp 2023

  • December 18th - 22nd: Craft Sampler Camp, available for single-day booking.

Weeklong summer camps are available during the months that traditional calendar schools are on summer break. 

Pricing: Full week camps (M-F, 9am - 1pm) are $250, with optional aftercare available for $150 for the week. Sibling discounts are available at time of booking.

Summer Camps 2023

  • May 29th - June 2nd: Miniatures Camp
  • June 12th - 16th: Sewing Explorations Camp
  • June 19th - 23rd: Craft Sampler Camp
  • June 26th - 30th: Crafting for Pets Camp
  • July 10th - 14th: Sewing Explorations Camp
  • July 17th - 21st: Craft Sampler Camp
  • July 24th - 28th: Sewing for Pets Camp
  • July 31st - August 4th: Sewing Explorations Camp
  • August 7th - 11th: Craft Sampler Camp
  • August 14th - 18th: Crafting for Pets Camp
  • August 21st - 25th: Sewing Explorations Camp

How to Book our Camps

We are partnering with local company Activity Hub to help market and book our camps. Field Day is an app dedicated to making it easy for parents and caregivers to explore options and register for camps. To book a Craft Habit Camp, just download the Activity Hub app and create an account. 

Benefits of Field Day
  • Create a profile for your child and fill out registration forms just one time! Once your profile is complete, Field Day will automatically input your registration information, no matter where you book classes or camps. For Craft Habit, that means we don't have to email you a separate registration packet & hound you about filling it out :)
  • Easily share camp sessions with your friends. Invite your child's friends and classmates to join them at camp. In Field Day, the Share function lets you send a listing to anyone in your address book via text or email.
  • Automatic Sibling Discount. No explanation needed, really!

We are booking camps exclusively through the Activity Hub app for the time being. 

Please reach out if there are additional weeks or holidays that you'd like to attend a camp with us!

page updated September 2023